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How Bikinilist increased their click through rate by 140%
1 min read

How Bikinilist increased their click through rate by 140%

Bikinilist provides an email marketing service to freelance creatives.

This particular campaign was aimed at photographers and while they were having some success, I was able to increase their click through rate significantly.

Their original email had a lot of graphics and images and achieved a 5% click-through-rate.

The new email I created achieved a 12% click-through-rate, an increase of 140%.

Think about all the emails you've received that are graphic intensive—I bet they were trying to sell you something.

This association has made people immediately wary of these types of emails.

The plain text email in comparison—like the ones you receive from your friends and family—doesn't trigger any subconscious warning bells and most often produce better click-through rates.

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