This video sales letter (VSL) is targeted at those with energy problems.

The [Redacted] May Be One of The Most Remarkable Natural Energy and Anti-Fatigue Breakthroughs of Our Time…

As a professional driver, I was shocked that I’d dozed off behind the wheel. I take my job very seriously. I get my sleep and don’t push the limits of safety. That’s why my crash was a real wake up call.”

– Nicholas Frank, 55-year-old Nebraska truck driver

“You know, your truck finally stopped about ten feet from the rim of the canyon… and that’s a 450-foot drop.”

This is what Elliot O’Brien told me as I laid all banged-up in my hospital bed. Elliot is the 62-year-old rescue team leader at the [Redacted] in remote northern Canada. He would soon become one of the most important people in my life.

I couldn’t believe that I had nearly died in a horrible crash—and it was all my fault. I consider myself an excellent driver. Until my accident I had a perfect driving record. It just seemed so hard to accept.

My near-tragic accident didn’t happen after I’d been driving all night long. It happened in the mid-morning hours—after I’d gotten seven solid hours of sleep. I had chugged some black coffee and felt ready to roll.

But boy was I not. That’s because after a long time living with fatigue, we actually FORGET what it’s like to feel on top of the world. And it’s not until we recover that we realize how down we’d been… for so long…

And so on that fateful morning, after a couple of hours on the road, my energy and my concentration levels crashed. Then so did me and my truck.

As it happens, I suffered only a few nasty cuts and bruises in the accident. And, miraculously, my 5-ton tractor trailer suffered relatively minor damage as it skidded and slammed into an embankment of rocky gravel—that stopped it from launching over the edge and into the canyon. The last thing I remember is hitting the breaks.

Sure I was alive. But laying in that hospital bed, I felt so defeated. And I’m not talking about my injuries, or even my ego. At that moment I felt like a broken man.

You see, my life had been in a downward spiral for years. It begun around the time my wife lovely wife Trisha was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). That was ten years ago.

She tried everything the doctors advised. Nothing helped. She experimented with every single diet and drank every energy drink she could find. She even turned to holistic medicine. Nothing helped.

Eventually, due to her fatigue and brain-fog, Trish lost her bookkeeping job. This left me with sole responsibility to support us and our two teenaged girls. She began sleeping all day…

Meanwhile, I was becoming more and more depressed. My quality of life had been completely stripped away from me. All work and no play. Not even date night with my beloved wife. Our once-active love life evaporated.

Why should you care about me and my family’s “energy crisis”?

What if I said that YOU and many of the people you love may be suffering from this health issue right now? And have been… perhaps for years?

The fact is…  it’s much more common than our society acknowledges. Millions and millions suffer from it to some degree—even very healthy people. Many are so used to their low energy they have forgotten what it feels like to be “normal”!

So now what if I told you there’s a simple and effective remedy that can significantly raise your energy level and motivation naturally… in just 21 days or less!

The cause of conditions like CFS and persistent fatigue has remained a mystery for many years. The truth is it’s NOT caused by your age, diet or lack of exercise. You may even been told your fatigue is all in your head!

Well, in a sense it is… because the science is coming in and chronic fatigue is related to inflammation in the brain and central nervous system. In one study, researchers found that low level inflammation induced in mice produced a lack of motivation and energy as they avoided the running wheels in their cages… unlike the healthy mice who were active and enjoyed running on the wheels.[1]

It’s this “low level inflammation” that is the ROOT CAUSE of fatigue and listlessness.


This fact is backed by a number of peer-reviewed scientific studies linking low energy and motivation and inflammation in the brain.

Further, this mysterious inflammation has been linked to specific types of proteins produced by the cells of your immune system, known as C-reactive protein (CRP) or cytokines (a protein that is circulated in the bloodstream).

And there doesn’t really seem to be a particular lifestyle that causes these proteins to run amok in your brain, it can happen to anyone! Large quantities of CRPs and cytokines in the bloodstream have been linked by researchers to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The scientists noted that patients CFS had significantly higher levels of CRP and cytokines![2][3]

So the REAL CAUSE of persistent low energy is something called CYTOKINES.

So if you’re one of the MILLIONS of people around the world suffering from low energy and motivation, listen up: the time is now to do something about it.

Because if you feel your zest for life draining from you, don’t wait until this insidious phenomenon starts to take a toll on your quality of living. Conditions like CFS can have a devastating impact on every aspect of your life, including your relationships, your ability to earn a good living, enjoyment of hobbies and interests—and even your sex life!

The truth is, the longer you wait before you take action to combat your low energy the more damage it can do to your quality of life.

Why not join the legion of people who have already dramatically improved their lives quickly and naturally with the Nahinni Fatigue Remedy?

Mike Phillips—Age 54

Tacoma, Washington

I’ve maintained my physical health and been health-conscious all my life. And I just could never understand why I so often had low energy levels. It didn’t make sense. I rode my bike six miles to work every day and went to the gym three or four times a week. But instead of feeling better I had this tiredness that I couldn’t shake. My doctor had no answers.

I’m so grateful for Nicholas’ formula for energy! I only wish I had known about it sooner. But now I am healthy AND I have great energy and motivation. I’m not dragging myself through all my activities. I look forward to doing things I love. And I’m better at doing the things I’d rather not do. I get things done with ease now!

Leslie Trout—Age 58

Clearwater, Florida

I was diagnosed with CFS in 2010. I have been living with this debilitating illness for a long time. I went from being an active member of my community to being a shut-in. I didn’t even have the energy to respond to all the friends and family who would inquire after me. I was ashamed and embarrassed really.

I went to four different doctors before I got my diagnosis. It was awful, talking about my symptoms over and over and hearing that it was all in my head. The last doctor was at least sympathetic and she did the best she could to help me get better. But nothing really worked. Well, the skeptical doctors were right about one thing. It WAS all in my head. The inflammation in my brain was the cause of my fatigue. And the [Redacted] treatment was so easy to follow and really worked wonders getting rid of the inflammation that was keeping me down.

Now I feel years younger and I’m doing what I love in my community. It’s like a new lease on life for me. Thanks Nicholas!

Melissa Charles—Age 51

Toronto, Ontario

The [Redacted] smoothies are delicious! I like how they’re easy to make. But I love how I feel after just three weeks after starting my treatment. I have three teenage kids and they are all growing up so fast. My chronic fatigue made me feel like I was missing out on watching them become young adults. I also felt like I wasn’t being there for them like I wanted to be. I was worried they would end going down the wrong path from spend time with the wrong people.

Before the [Redacted] smoothies I always felt like I needed more sleep. And the guilt I felt made me even more depressed. I was like a ball of negative energy just hiding in the dark. I can’t believe how this simple program changed everything in my life. After less than a month I was a new person. Or like the person I used to be 20 years ago!

Raymond Steele—Age 63

Corpus Christi, Texas

I’m so glad I found the [Redacted] Rescue Team’s secret formula for energy! I’m a rancher and I never planned to retire. But I found myself getting more and more tired the past several years. I just put it down to age. I had to hire more people to keep up the ranch and I really felt like the light was going out in my life. I just couldn’t believe how quickly my energy seemed to go from high to very low over the course of a few years.

I had every test my doctor could think of but there seemed to be no reason I should feel so low. It got to the point where I started to consider retirement and selling my business. I loved my work more than anything and so it just seemed so wrong to me.

I wished I’d known years ago that just by drinking smoothies I could feel years younger! The [Redacted] cure has given me a new lease on life.

Hi, my name is Nicholas Frank. I’m the 55-year-old truck driver whose life was changed by a special protocol, so please keep watching because I believe it can work wonders for you too!

I know all too well the suffering and damage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can cause. I felt helpless as I watched my wife lose all interest in life because of her devastating loss of energy and motivation. Soon it began to affect me as well. Though I was never diagnosed with CFS, I developed a persistent tiredness that really started to have a huge negative impact on my life. I felt like I was at war with fatigue—and like I was losing the battle against a hidden enemy. It was costing me my happy marriage, loads of money and destroying my quality of life.

Fortunately for you, a dangerous curve on a road in a remote part of Canada marked the turning point in my life.

So let’s get back to the story…

Not too long ago, everything seemed to be going downhill for my family. I worked like a dog, driving truck and taking care of all of us—and I began feeling more and more exhausted. It seemed like there was a curse on our home, like something was just sucking the life out of us.

It truly felt to me that my life was pretty much over. I was in the dumps, big time. Nothing, it seemed, was ever going to make life truly worth living again.

And you know what really hurt? I was always a gung-ho, optimistic kind of guy. I was living the American dream. I owned my own home. I enjoyed my work and I loved to horse around with my kids in my free time. I had lots of hobbies. I was an avid fisherman.

But to be totally honest, I started to prefer being on the road than being home with my wife and family. I felt terrible about it. But what could I do?

So when Trish got sick, everything changed. And I could barely keep up with the bills. I found myself struggling to get enough rest so I could drive long crazy distances to rack up the miles that would keep us afloat.

Often times I’m gone for a month at a time. And it was on one of those super long 3,000-mile trips that I finally turned the corner. Or, in reality, failed to turn one. A sharp curve with nothing but a little guard rail between me and a great abyss.

I hit the brakes… but couldn’t keep the truck on the road.

Looking back now, my accident turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. And if you watch until the end of this presentation you’ll soon find out why!

Now, I had no idea at the time… but it would be my short time with the [Redacted] Rescue Team guys would yield the secret to incredible natural energy and motivation.

And so, without that terrible near-death experience, I would be living a different kind of near-death experience every day of my life. Because that’s what it felt like. Living close to death. With one foot in the grave…

That was until I was rescued—TWICE—by Elliot O’Brien and the [Redacted] Mountain Rescue Team. First by getting me to hospital after my crash. And then by accidentally revealing to me the ROOT CAUSE of the seemingly incurable fatigue that haunted my family.

Before I would help formulate what I now call the [Redacted], I was feeling like an 80-year-old man in 55-year-old’s body.

What I DID know at the time was that I was lucky to be alive. Elliot and the [Redacted] National Park Rescue Team happened to be nearby when—in my dog-tired drowsiness—I failed to negotiate a curve on a mountain highway.

Still, the broken-down part of me was eating at my insides. My low energy and concentration levels are what cause me to lose control of my truck. And while my cuts and bruises would heal, I asked myself:

Was this just the next phase in the low-energy downward spiral I now seemed fated to? What terrible thing was waiting around the next corner?

Another realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I laid in my hospital bed. I had to turn toward the wall as tears welled up in my eyes.

Really, more than anything else, I truly just missed my wife. And I wanted her back… and that would mean finding a cure for her illness. But I’m a truck driver, not a Nobel Prize scientist.

As fate would have it, when Elliot came to check up on me in the hospital, something about him really struck me. He had this light in his eyes. Light and energy in his every movement. And there was an upbeat joy in every word he said. And to tell the truth I resented him a little for it—the man who had helped saved my life just the day before!

I couldn’t really understand it. Elliot was more overweight than I was—and he’s TEN years older. But he seemed to have all the energy that I lacked. I gotta be honest: It made me kind of angry.

Of course, I wasn’t really angry at Elliot. I was angry that my wife and I had tried EVERYTHING we could get our hands on to get better and nothing worked. I spent sleepless nights lying next to the woman I love—my wife of 25 years—and it was like I barely recognized her.

Where before she always took pride in her appearance, she was now often unkempt and dishevelled looking. I didn’t care about that, of course. I loved her and I knew that was her illness, not her. What did get to me though was that she just wasn’t fun to be with anymore. I could feel my own energy dwindle when I would hold her and try to perk her up. And it even infected our two teenaged girls. It was like it was contagious.

In our home, we had tried everything to get better overcome the chronic fatigue that had overtaken and practically ruined our lives.

And I often daydreamed about our old life together. Trish was a fantastic mother to our kids. From day one. She never took a day off. She worked as a bookkeeper by day and was supermom with all her free time.

When our kids were little Saturday nights were always family movie night. I was always annoyed when I on the road and couldn’t be there. I looked forward to the day when I had saved enough so I could spend more time home with my wonderful wife. And enjoy some quality time with my kids before they went off to college in another state.

Now being the kind, upbeat man that he is, Elliot even paid me another visit on my last day in the hospital.  And while I couldn’t wait to hit the open road again, something was beginning to take hold of me like an obsession…

I was determined to find out more about why Elliot was different. Why HE had the energy of a much younger man, and I that of a much older man.

So I decided to play detective and see what I could find out…

“Geez, you know Elliot, I’m sorry all of this happened,” I began. “Trust me, I had plenty of sleep the night before, seven hours or more. And I was on my third cup of coffee when I dozed off.”

Elliot simply nodded and smiled. I pressed on.

“You guys must keep pretty busy in the park, especially during summer,” I said, looking closely at Elliot’s spritely face. “You must get pretty tired too sometimes.”

Elliot smiled. “No, not really. As a matter of fact, we average more than 50 hours a week during high season, and we don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. I honestly never touch the stuff.”

Now, I had intended to stop by the [Redacted] rescue team center and thank them for pulling me out of my truck and taking me to the hospital. Then I’d be climbing aboard my fixed-up tractor trailer once again to finish my trip and head back home.

But now my visit had a secret mission too: I was determined to know their energy secret!  And if it wasn’t “something in the water” could it be something on the menu?

In fact, it was. When I visited the [Redacted] Rescue Team’s station up there in remote northern Canada, I was snooping around for what made these guys so energetic, in spite of the fact that they worked long hours and never relied on coffee or energy drinks.

Turns out they had a secret weapon: their team chef who was a nutrition fanatic. I asked him how these rescue team guys had so much energy all the time. He handed me their menu to take with me—and gave me a confident smile. I’m pretty sure he was hoping I’d study it. And, yep, I sure would. In fact, with the help of a friend I’d actually “reverse-engineer” it!

Now before I tell you more about the amazing revelation that the [Redacted] Rescue Team gave me, I want to underline where we were before that miracle came into our lives.

For my wife Trish—like so many people around the world—it’s obvious there’s a pretty serious health problem underlying their lack of energy and motivation to get out and enjoy everything life has to offer. Diseases like CFS are very real.

So real that my wife once intimated to me something that I never thought I’d ever hear her say: she sometimes felt so down she had thoughts of suicide. When she told me that, I shut myself in the bedroom…. And broke down and cried. I felt so helpless.

For millions of others—like me—the fatigue wasn’t so acute. It was more of an insidious, long-term drag on my energy levels. But it sure did affect my quality of life. And it led to a near fatal motor vehicle crash.

Now, I have a lot of faith in science. I didn’t go to college but I always got good grades in chemistry and biology. I truly believed a cure could be found. The question that haunted me was WHEN. And would it be found in time to save my wife and I from living out our days in this chronic misery?

Well, thanks to the [Redacted] Rescue Team I’ve discovered a simple and natural way to regain the energy and motivation you used to take for granted years ago. And you can get it back in just a few weeks!

You may be shocked when I tell you how I helped my wife—and myself—overcome chronic fatigue with just a simple recipe. Simple, but it took me and a scientist friend a long time to figure it out. Now hang in there, I’m going to tell you more in a few moments… I’ll let you in on what I learned about [Redacted] Rescue Team’s secret formula for massively improving your energy and motivation!

First let’s look at why this is so important. It’s estimated that ONE MILLION people in the US suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome[4]. My wife Trish is one of them.

What’s more, millions more Americans suffer from less acute—but persistent—lack of energy like I did. And really, how many people over 40 would NOT want more energy? How many people 50 to 75+—wish they could feel as energetic and motivated as they did years before?

So how did a truck driver find a sure-fire remedy for this pervasive problem?

Well… when I was returning home from Canada, and while I was obsessing over the energy secrets of the [Redacted] Rescue Team, I remembered I had a neighbor who is a retired scientist. He worked for a large US multinational company for decades. I sought out his help when I was working to break down just why the [Redacted] formula worked so well.

With his help we started to look around for the science that can explain why the ingredients worked so well together. Well, we found study after study that really started connecting the dots for us. Finally, we realized we had stumbled upon what is likely the ROOT CAUSE for chronic fatigue symptoms!

So now, what’s the cause of low energy, lack of motivation, CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and fatigue?

First, let me say what it’s not: these often-debilitating symptoms and conditions are not a by-product of your diet, that you’re not exercising (or are!) or even your age. It’s not even a reflection of your overall state of health.

So what’s at the bottom of all this....???

A number of scientific studies seem to be pointing the way to the culprit. The cause is what is now known as LOW-GRADE INFLAMMATION. And, over time, this alters activity in the brain and nervous system in causing fatigue!

But, now you’re asking…  what causes the inflammation? Good question!

Numerous studies have shown that chronically fatigued individuals have significantly higher blood markers of inflammation. So what are they?

It turns out that the REAL CAUSE of low energy and fatigue are proteins called CYTOKINES.

You see, C-reactive protein (CRP) and other pro-inflammatory compounds known as cytokines are produced by specific immune system cells. And your body may be producing too many of these proteins.

That’s right. The real cause of low energy is too many of these cytokines!

Before I reveal more about the [Redacted], let’s dive deeper into the science of what’s underlying widespread chronic fatigue.

Let’s talk about the human brain for a few minutes…

There’s a part of the brain called the basal ganglia. It’s situated at the base of the brain and it where the brain’s reward center lies. It plays a big role in controlling motion as well as motivation. So impairment of this part of the brain is why some people just can’t seem to push through to overcome fatigue.

Now we talked briefly before about how constant low-level inflammation of the brain is linked with fatigue. Well, it turns out that in studying Chronic Fatigue syndrome it was discovered that the lower the activation in the basal ganglia, the higher level of fatigue is experienced by the patient![5]

Further, the basal ganglia is vulnerable to the inflammatory proteins we identified earlier called cytokines[6].  And the scientific evidence shows that the basal ganglia is known to play an important role in motivated behavior.[7]

So just like the mice we talked about earlier, the inflammatory impairment of the brain of affected mice shut down their motivation to run on their running wheels. This is the same thing that seems to be going on with humans who suffer from chronic fatigue.

Now let’s return to the proteins we’ve identified as causing inflammation in the brain, the C-Reactive Proteins, or cytokines.

It turns out that not only do high levels of CRP cause inflammation and hamper motivation, they also are associated with abnormally high fatigue following exercise, and even patients’ poor self-rated health.[8][9]

And this is important. There are also a number of other studies that indicate the correlation between high blood levels of CRP in both patients who meet the strict criteria for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome AND those with fatigue that do not warrant a CFS diagnosis[10][11]. And in a study of 70-year-old women, CRP levels were 40 percent higher when compared to those without chronic fatigue![12]

So, you see, there is solid scientific evidence for the link between these proteins called cytokines and chronic fatigue, both for those diagnosed with CFS and for those who have symptoms but don’t meet the strict criteria for the conditions. How many millions of people does that account for? It’s clear there is a widespread problem, but it’s not the fault of the sufferers. They struggle with lack of energy and motivation because of this persistent low-grade inflammation caused by CRPs.[13]

In fact, it’s the fatigue victims own inflamed brains that are preventing them from having that “get up and go!” This also explains why no matter how they’ve tried—whether through exercise and eating and sleeping well they STILL feel tired.

No Wonder Why Everything You’ve Tried To Fight Fatigue Isn’t Working!

Perhaps you’ve tried some or all of these:

  • Caffeine or energy drinks. You get a quick boost but then you crash and feel worse than you did before.

  • Exercise. For many people, this just doesn’t do the trick and your fatigue doesn’t go away.

  • Diet. Your diet probably doesn’t contain the nutrients and even if it does… it’s not in the right combination, and so is probably restricting the energy-based foods you actually need!

  • Sleep can help to an extent but it doesn't fix the root cause. You feel ok when you get up but mid-morning you are ready to sleep again![14]

  • Natural supplements are full of hype but they aren’t proven to work. And who knows what they put in them! And wheat grass? Our bodies were just not meant to digest it!

Okay, so none of these so-called “solutions” help, so what now?

Well, now we’re at where I was before I made my trip to northern Canada, where I dozed off at the wheel and woke up in a hospital.

And fortunately for me—and for all chronic fatigue sufferers—I was found at the wheel by Elliot and the [Redacted] Rescue Team. And boy, was that just an incredible stroke of luck!

And in just a few moment you’re going to know exactly why…

Now, remember that chef I met at the [Redacted] Rescue Team’s station?  Well, let me tell you, that guy was really on to something. He knew the incredible power of a particular nutrient that he made sure was always present in their meals.

And that nutrient is the key to the [Redacted]!

So by simply adding this one nutrient to their diet the Rescue Team members always had the energy they needed when they needed it.

The truth is that sufferers of chronic fatigue are missing this nutrient that can reduce and even remove the fatigue-causing inflammation from their brains. Incredible news, right?

The even better news is that in reverse-engineering the rescue team’s diet, we were able to reproduce the energy effect and distil it down so it could be replicated in a delicious smoothie that can be taken every morning.

We call it “The Fatigue-Fighting Easy 8 Smoothie”

Wait… why “Easy 8”?

Glad you’re still paying attention! The secret to our energy formula is in the 8 easy to find ingredients that you’ll need to unlock the [Redacted] Rescue Team’s secret energy weapon!

So….  What’s so special about these 8 seemingly ordinary ingredients?

Well, here comes some more science!

These ingredients all have something in common… they contain what are called PHYTOCHEMICALS.

These are powerful antioxidants containing a polyphenolic substructure and they’re known as polyhydroxyphenols (or polyphenols).

Now it’s important to say something here. These critical fatigue fighting micronutrients come in supplement powder form. But it’s much more beneficial to get them NATURALLY through food. Indeed, unwanted side effects are likelier if they are consumed in supplement form.[15]

Now you can do your own research and you’ll find that not only are there many plant-based foods that contain polyhydroxyphenols[16], but which to take and how much and in what combination?

The great news is that you don’t have to do the work because we’ve already done it for you!

That’s EXACTLY why we created the Easy 8 Smoothie!

The important thing to know is that the polyhydroxyphenols contained in an Easy 8 Smoothie are scientifically demonstrated to combat inflammation[17]. And less inflammation means less fatigue!

So let’s take a peek at a few of these wonder foods!

The incredible thing is that some of them you may have on hand in your kitchen right now. Others can easily be found in local stores. And they the phytochemicals they contain—when taken in the right combination and amount, can actually reverse the ravages that cytokines are taking on your brain!

Just for sticking with us and enjoying this amazing journey we’re going to give you three of the proven anti-inflammatory foods… and we’ll tell you how to learn the rest of the recipe in just a few moments…

Here you go, 3 of the Easy 8 are…

  • Black Currants
  • Cocoa Powder or Dark Chocolate
  • Hazelnuts


Now don’t these incredible anti-inflammatory foods sound delicious too?

Now perhaps you’re thinking… I already eat some of those. Why aren’t they working for me?


In order to reduce and remove the inflammation in the brain, they need to be eaten in the EXACT quantities shown to ensure you’re getting the highest amount of the nutrients. The Fatigue Fighting Easy 8 Smoothie was custom-formulated based on the [Redacted] menu—and you need to the right combinations and amounts of polyhydroxyphenols.

So that’s why we wrote the book on it:

This groundbreaking digital eBook is available for download now!

The [Redacted]

For just a one-time payment of $37 this life-changing guide offers:

  • Background on the [Redacted] Mountain Rescue Diet and how it will give you abundant energy and motivation

  • All the [Redacted] Diet ingredients that make up this remedy

  • We’ll reveal all of the Fatigue Fighting Easy 8 ingredients that remove and prevent inflammation in the brain and increase energy and motivation

  • We’ll give you the 21-day plan with the smoothie recipe you’ll make each day, along with a shopping list of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare your remedy

  • What time is best to have your smoothie

The eBook that can change your life is available now for immediate download for the low price of just $37. How much is a life full of energy and motivation worth to you? We’re pretty sure this small investment in your brain health will bring incredible value to you every single day. We’re confident you’ll be reward thousands of times over!






This amazing offer is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Our 60-day Guarantee

We’re 100% confident that the [Redacted] will boost your energy and motivation in 21 days or less, but if you’re not experiencing a dramatic improvement in your energy levels we’ll refund your money within 60 days of purchase. No questions asked!


So when you consider everything chronic fatigue is costing you… earnings, relationships, zest for life… the [Redacted] really a very inexpensive one-time investment. And the rewards will last you the rest of your life.

Listen to what these newly energized customers have to say:

William Hurt—Age 59

Kansas City, Missouri

This smoothie cure really got me moving. After the first week I noticed increasing energy levels. By the third week I was jumping out of bed to make my morning smoothie! I had been feeling sapped of energy for a very long time. Even 9 holes of golf left me feeling tired. I used to play 18 and then go for a run in the evening. What a difference!

I’m so grateful for the [Redacted] smoothie remedy. Don’t wait to start this program. You can thank me later!

Lisa Tremblay—Age 63

Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Wow, where to begin? Everyone in my life thought I was very seriously ill. They were all whispering that I must have some deadly disease. I was always the firecracker in the family. The life of the party!

I started going downhill after my husband past away. At least that’s what I thought it was. It’s pretty normal. Eventually I went to my doctor and had every kind of test you can think of. All came back negative. There was no explanation. I’m a retired phy-ed teacher and was always an athlete since I was a kid.

Thankfully I heard about this [Redacted] smoothie remedy. After a few weeks I felt like a new woman! I’m looking forward to many years of high energy. The firecracker is back!!

Terry Hart—Age 56

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I love the Easy 8 smoothies! I found everything I needed to make them at the grocery store I always go to. They are DELICIOUS and so easy to make. Who doesn’t love dark chocolate for breakfast? I’m so glad I bought this ebook. I was skeptical at first but wow, what a difference. It’s like my body has been super-charged!

Thank you Nicholas for sharing this amazing program with the world! I’m so happy for you and your family too!


So, you have two options right now…

Option 1)

Do nothing. And stay in the rut you’ve been in for so long. I know what that’s like. I really felt helpless as I watched the quality of my life and relationships were drained of all vitality. My fatigue nearly cost me my life when I nearly died on the job in a terrible accident.

The way I see it, my fatigue my family a lot of money. Due to CFS, my wife could no longer work, and though I tried as best I could, I knew I could have earned a lot more myself if I only had more energy. So sure, you can do nothing and stay trapped in a life of low energy, but there’s a much better way…

Option 2)

You can order your [Redacted] eBook today and start your journey to a life full of energy and the motivation to live a full and complete life.

Just imagine how every aspect of your life can improve with the renewed energy and vigor you’ll get just by drinking a delicious smoothie every morning! Take it from my wife Trish, she was the first [Redacted] success story! She’s now working again and it’s like a huge dark cloud has been lifted from our home. Life still has its ups and downs of course, but we’re able to overcome them much better thanks to the energy and motivation we enjoy simply by drinking our smoothies every morning!


Here’s what another happy [Redacted] cure customer has to say:

I can’t describe how much better I feel every morning when I wake up. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up refreshed to start my day. I had just accepted this was normal, just part of getting older. But I thought I’d give these smoothies a try. And I so glad I did. What a difference! All my friends and family have been asking me what’s going on! I really believed my tiredness was normal. Thanks Nicholas!

Norma Braun—Age 63

Lakeland, Florida



How does the [Redacted] work?

Just add a smoothie to your regular diet. That’s it. Continue to eat as you like, just drink your smoothie in the morning in just a couple of minutes. By simply adding the critical polyhydroxyphenols in abundance into your regular eating routine you’ll boost your energy levels by naturally increasing the store of this powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient in your brain.

In just 2-3 weeks, your phytochemical levels will have reached that of a young person. You’ll have loads of motivation, energy and get up and go!

Will it work for me?

Yes, absolutely. The build-up of low level inflammation affects virtually everyone. So whether you’re a CFS sufferer, have similar but milder symptoms, or just want to experience a life with higher levels of energy and motivation, this protocol will definitely work for you.

Just try it and you’ll see what a difference these phytochemicals can make in your brain!

How long does it take to work?

We’ve developed the recipes to provide enough of the active nutrients to provide full benefit within 21 days. But chances are you’ll start noticing a difference in just a week or two.

I do not have headaches or pain, so there’s no inflammation in my brain?

This type of inflammation is often described as “silent,” “low-grade,” “chronic” and “systemic” because it is relatively mild and is present throughout the entire body and brain for long stretches of time.

It’s a slow-burning inflammation which you cannot feel, won’t affect your head (like a headache) but definitely gets worse over time.

I am not overweight or unhealthy so why would I have inflammation?

Even if you’re not overweight or sick, inflammation could still be running you down. You have done nothing wrong! Just regular everyday stress, or a minor cold or cough can cause your body to produce more of these unwanted proteins called cytokines.

Over time, the nutrient needed to keep these proteins at bay dwindles and a low-level inflammation begins to take hold of your brain. Over time this stops the brain from efficiently performing its daily duties and you lose all momentum. You start living reactively instead of proactively. And this can have a devastating impact over your life in the long term!

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely. Our payment system benefits from state-of-the art encryption technology, so when you place your order with us your details are 100% secure.


Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to listen to my presentation. I hope you decide to take action because I’m thrilled to share the [Redacted] Rescue Team’s secret to high energy with the whole world! This formula totally changed my own life, I have a happy, vivacious wife again and we’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives with abundant energy in everything we do. I hope you’ll join us!

Your friend, Nicholas Frank