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If you’re looking for “The Easy Way” we won’t be working together


When you ask, “What’s the easiest way”, what’s the motivation behind it?

For a lot of people this translates to “I don’t want to work”.

Hey, selling things on the Internet is HARD WORK.

Yes, once it’s all up and running, it gets easier … passive revenue and money while you sleep.

But that takes HARD WORK to create and it takes HARD WORK to maintain.

Still with me? Good.

You recognize it’s time to get help with growing your business and understand the importance a sales funnel can have in providing a constant supply of new customers.

But putting all those pieces together can seem like a daunting task.

And knowing a single error anywhere in the process and the whole funnel can break ... yikes!

So to minimize risk and maximize the chance of increasing revenue, you need a plan to follow.

That's why we created the Business Growth Blueprint, a custom strategy based on your needs and requirements that gives you a step-by-step plan to build your perfect sales funnel.

So this is how it works:

  1. You'll fill out a questionnaire which gives us the data we need to dig deep into the psychology of your target audience and discover what makes your product or service stand out from the others.
  2. We jump on a call together where I’ll dive deeper into some of your answers from the questionnaire and discover how you’re currently solving your customers problems.
  3. Then, we'll conduct our research and write out a custom strategy for you with a step by step guide for your sales funnel.
  4. We'll include an illustrated flow-map of your customers journey through the sales funnel. We'll also recommend the right tools and software you should be using.
  5. Finally, we’ll hop on a second call together where I’ll take you through your Business Growth Blueprint and answer any questions you may have.

As many clients ask us to implement their new Business Growth Blueprint, we’ll also include a brief proposal as part of the deliverables.

Our Business Growth Blueprint is priced at $499.

Why so cheap?

What’s the catch?

I understand your scepticism. I have agency friends charging $2,000–$5,000 for these blueprints … which of course leads you to wonder, "Why would you do all of this work for only $499?"

Well, the answer’s quite simple, this is how we get customers.

As many customers ask us to implement their new Business Growth Blueprint, we’ll also include a brief proposal as part of the deliverables.

When that happens, my team and I actually build out the entire sales funnel, and implement everything for the customer.

So that's our "hidden motivation" for doing this.

You'll get no pressure to become a customer because we let the value of the Business Growth Blueprint speak for itself.

The sales funnel we’ll design for you will be completely transformational for your business.

I guarantee it.

“Whoa, back up a minute. Did you just say you’ll guarantee it?”


Which is why I'm willing to make you this promise:

I’ll give you back your $499 if you don’t like it.

If you tell me that we've wasted your time during our conversation, I'll immediately refund you the $499, no questions asked.

The bottom line is, we'll create a custom Business Growth Blueprint for you which you could even take away and implement yourself.

After that, you might want to become a customer. Or not. I won't pressure you either way.

If you want to change your business for the better, click on the button below.

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