Building an automated sales machine

Have you ever wanted to run a business where you can:

  • Leave the office at 5 pm and not think about work until the next day
  • Go on holiday for two weeks without your income taking a dive
  • Have more time to work on the business instead of putting out fires

This is not a dream but a reality for some businesses.

And to make it happen you need to focus on optimizing and automating your marketing funnel.

By optimizing every step of your marketing funnel you make sure you’re squeezing out every last drop of profit from your customers.

Making $3 instead of $2 for every $1 you spend on advertising can make a world of difference to your bottom line (and your safety net).

The secret of optimization is in the compounding effect.

Does a 5% increase in click-through from a blog post sound disappointing?

On its own, that 5% may not amount to much.

But what if you also achieved the same 5% improvement in your email list opt-in, landing page conversion rates, email click-throughs and customer lifetime value?

When you compound multiple “micro-gains” along the entire marketing funnel, the final increase in revenues outweigh the smaller individual improvements.

For example, a 5% gain on a marketing funnel earning $100,000 per month is an additional $5,000.

A 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% (multiple “micro-gains”) on a marketing funnel earning $100,000 is not an additional $30,000 (6 x $5,000), but instead an additional $34,009 ($100,000 x 1.05^6).

What would you rather have, an additional $5k per month, or $34k per month?

And let’s not forget automation.

By eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks and saving hundreds of work hours, you are freed up to spend more time on the business rather than in it.

According to Aberdeen Group, companies that use sales automation achieve 53% higher conversion rates and 3.1% higher annual revenue growth rate.

Still, it can be a little daunting to know what and how to start with automating your sales funnel.

Picking the right tools … and then integrating them all together so the right data flows between them seamlessly.

But with tools like Integromat and Zapier, the power of automation is now within reach of the average marketer.

So how do we put this all together?