Would you like to know how your competitors are crushing it, making 10x the profits you are?

(And it's not because they have a better product than yours...)

You’ve got traffic.

You’re making sales.

That’s great!  But I'm betting that you have that constant niggling worry at the back of your mind—that sense of potential doom that's always lingering in the near distance...

As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator in terms of your advertising, your revenue is gone.

I mean you’re making some good sales with paid advertising, but it’s not easy keeping up this high volume.

You’re constantly having to deal with ad fatigue, and with Google and Facebook changing their ad policies.

Or what if Google changes their algorithm again (which they will) and your organic traffic drops by 50%?

These are real and understandable fears.

And they're the same fears that your competitors have. It’s just they know they will survive whatever Google or Facebook throws at them because they have a contingency plan.

They’ve optimized and automated their marketing funnel and built up an email list.

By doing this they’ve tripled the success of their safety net:  they've lowered their customer acquisition costs and increased both their sales conversion rates and customer lifetime value, simultaneously.

With a large and active email list they know they can contact their prospects and customers any time they like.

Product updates, promotional offers, cross-sells, and new product launches are just an email away.

This means—and this part is important—because they’re making more profit per customer, they can spend more money to acquire each customer and still be profitable

They can outspend you on their advertising.

So, you need a safety net ...