E-commerce store marinedepot.com was seeing a significant number of users abandoning their shopping cart.

During our research we discovered these was because they didn’t offer free shipping (you had to spend a certain amount to qualify for it) and the shopping cart is where the visitors first saw the shipping fee.

They’d tried to improve this by notifying those who were close to qualifying for free shipping, that they only needed to add xx of dollars to qualify, and provided them links to products in that price range.

Which was a good idea but the problem was the customer was still surrounded by a number of unnecessary distracting elements (we saw a lot of clicks on these elements, which was a waste), and it looked like a lot of potential customers simply didn’t see the notification and left when they saw the shipping cost.

So we simply removed everything that was not essential on the page and made sure the free shipping notification wouldn’t be missed:

and here are the results ...

People started to add more products to their carts:

And this naturally led to an increase in revenue:

+12.33% lift in revenue might not seem much, but the changes were small and this increase meant an additional 3 million dollars in potential annual revenue.

Not bad at all.

Just think about what just a 2% or 10% improvement would do for your business.

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